Boris Becker explains Roger Federer's main problem

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Boris Becker explains Roger Federer's main problem

Speaking on BBC, six-time Major winner Boris Becker spoke about Roger Federer's straight-set semi-final loss to Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas at the ATP Finals in London. The German believes that Federer cannot consistently deliver high-level performances like the one he had against Novak Djokovic on Thursday: "The problem with getting older is the recovery.

You can put on a great match and he’s certainly played many good matches this year but it takes you longer physically and mentally to recover, to find the motivation. He’s been here 16 times before, it’s not new for him; to find the sparkle, to find the energy to go one more step – it’s not easy."

Becker furthermore praised Tsitsipas: "What stands out for me, to my mind, is his mentality, his positivity – he was the only one believing here, honestly. That’s really what stands out and is a cornerstone of a great career, that you believe in your own abilities.

Those are the things you can’t learn, no coach can teach you that, you either have it or you don’t." On the changing of the guard, David Ferrer said: "It's coming, even if Rafa has ended as a number one, Novak as 2, Federer 3, but they are getting closer and closer, taking this maturity.

For example, the final will feature two younger players. Tsitsipas has been the most consistent guy this week and played at a very high level. He played a big match with Rafa and on Saturday he kept this intensity. He was the best of the group stages."