Roger Federer was slower, did not play his best against Tsitsipas - Henman

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Roger Federer was slower, did not play his best against Tsitsipas - Henman

Talking on BBC, former world No. 4 Tim Henman commented on Roger Federer's ATP Finals loss to Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Brit said: "I don’t think he played his best. It was surprising that he elected to receive in the first game but he had break point on Tsitsipas’ first service game and again, indoors, it’s a bit dark up there but his smash is as good as it gets, to miss two smashes in one game is absolutely unheard of and this can set the tone.

This was only 10 or 12 points in, when we saw his start against Djokovic, he was just feeling it, his footwork was good and he was uber aggressive and he just wasn’t missing but today, first 10 minutes he wasn’t feeling it, Tsitsipas gets that break and he’s the one who has got the momentum.

Federer’s footwork was a little bit slower but he wasn’t allowed to move well because he’s always playing catch-up. It’s that minutiae that is the difference between him beating Djokovic playing one of the best matches I’ve ever seen him play and then him struggling."

Henman added: "I think Tsitsipas is a young player with a lot of energy. I think it's not going to have an influence on today's match. It's going to be tough and we have to be ready from the beginning. I like the energy he brings on the court.

I like how he takes the ball early and comes to the net. One and a half years ago, I would not have thought he would be that strong already. He has had a great year."