Alexander Zverev plans to have eye surgery after playing with Roger Federer

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Alexander Zverev plans to have eye surgery after playing with Roger Federer

Alexander Zverev spoke about his off-season. After his ATP Finals loss to Dominic Thiem, the German player revealed some interesting things. "I will actually have six days of holidays this year. This is all I'm getting, because I'm still going to South America, still playing with Roger (Federer) for five matches.

Of course we will not practice every day for four hours, but this is still difficult. We will have to fly to a different country every day. So this will still be tough kind of few days but very exciting, very happy about that.

And then I'll only have a few days' holidays, and then I'm actually going to go to New York to maybe do a small procedure that I have to do on my eyes. Then I'll start training." On his loss to Thiem, Zverev added: "The match was, I thought, pretty even.

Dominic obviously played very good from the baseline. But today I was playing with no returns, actually. I was returning really bad and didn't put a lot of pressure on his serve. And when I did, he was coming out with good serves, good points.

Yeah, credits to him. I played a bad game in the second set, and, yeah, that match was over a few games later." On the break point he missed in a key moment of the match, he concluded: "I missed easy shots and easy overhead two times.

Doesn't mean you played a bad point. Just didn't use my chances. As I said, in the second set, the game that I -- I broke myself. I missed two overheads one meter away from the net. This was, I mean, I think -- honestly, I don't know how much you play tennis, but I think you would have made those shots (smiling). It was just a bad game. Yeah, the match was over a few games later, so what can I do?"