Federer-Zverev exhibition match to be sports event of the year in Argentina

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Federer-Zverev exhibition match to be sports event of the year in Argentina

In an interview the Argentinean investor Manuel Figoli spoke about the upcoming match that Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev will play in Buenos Aires this week. Figoli said: "Argentina is a very passionate country with tennis, and without doubts it's tennis-wise the most important one from South America.

We organized a lot of sports exhibitions. Within tennis, Delpo against Nick Kyrgios in the Luna Park, and we had the proudness of organizers the matches of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and David Nalbandian in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Chile in 2013.

We had the chance to bring Federer, who finally created a space in his packed schedule. It will be a luxury to have him in our country during one of his strongest times in his career as a world No. 3. In Santiago the tickets were sold on the first day and in Argentina in 48 hours, although we may sell more later.

When we were about to confirm the date, there was a change with the dollars and we were doubtful whether to continue or not. Luckily we checked all the economical factors because it would have been a shame if he played in Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador and he would not visit Argentina.

Here we have a two-day package, Roger will tell his anecdotes, he will play a tie-break with fans, hold clinics, have cocktails and play the match that will definitely be the sports event of the year. I was surprised that he did not ask for almost anything.

He doesn't have any questions as a God. Roger is a calm person. Roger comes with his security guard, part of his family, his agent, his fitness trainer and physioterapist. The only thing he asked for is to have time to train and rest. He is very professional."