'Federer was the better player for a long time vs Djokovic in Wimbledon'

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'Federer was the better player for a long time vs Djokovic in Wimbledon'

In an interview with Tages Anzeiger, Roger Federer's coach Severin Luthi spoke about the Swiss player's ability to go through losses better than in the past. "Losses hurt less than before. During his career, he learned to digest them quicker.

You cannot change anything about the past and that's Roger's strength, to always look forward. Against Novak Djokovic in Wimbledon I think he was the better player on the court for a long time. But did he really play better than he did against Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon final? No idea.

It's not easy to keep yourself at the highest level for months. I do not think he has more bad days than before. Roger, Nadal and Djokovic are not the same players as they were five or ten years ago. Let's take Nadal, he is as aggressive as ever but he became weaker on the defensive side.

The top 20 players are stronger than they were in the past." On the younger guys, Luthi added: "(Dominic) Thiem, (Stefanos) Tsitsipas, (Alexander) Zverev and (Daniil) Medvedev are all very strong. But until when nobody really does it, no one knows if they can win a Grand Slam.

I do not deny that next year there will be a new Grand Slam winner. But if I had to write, I would say it's not. The Big Three always manage to find ways." On Federer playing South American and Chinese swing in the next month, Luthi concluded: "The exhibitions are a good change for roger, especially because he usually goes where there are no ATP tournaments.

New experiences help him to stay motivated. But that's just a one-time thing, next year he is unlikely to play so many exhibition matches."