Roger Federer is unlikely to win a Grand Slam again, says Rusedski

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Roger Federer is unlikely to win a Grand Slam again, says Rusedski

The former world No. 4 Greg Rusedski believes that Roger Federer is unlikely to win a Grand Slam title again. Asked 24 hours after the ATP Finals semis loss if the Swiss can triumph in a Major again, Rusedski replied: "I don't think so.

I think that Wimbledon final with two match points was his big moment. If he proves me wrong I will be very happy because I think it will be great for our game." Rusedski also spoke about Dominic Thiem's season: "The turning point was in Indian Wells this year he hooked up with Nicolas Massu twelve days before the event.

Started working on the slice backhand, taking the ball early, mixing up his serve. He went on to win that Masters [event] and beat Roger Federer in the final to win his first Masters on a hard court ever. He's won on all surfaces.

This guy is a complete player now all of a sudden. [And] with Tsitsipas, [they are] probably the most improved players this year. Ranking wise not a big jump but he is a true contender and he will finish the year, no matter what happens to day, as the world No 4."

On having a final between two one-handed backhand players, Rusedski concluded: "I think there was a time where there were not many players with a one-handed backhand. And now me and also way younger, amazing players like Stefanos or Denis Shapovalov play one-handed backhand, so we are going to see it for also the next 10, 15 years, which is great.

I think if you play it well like we do, it has a lot of advantages, and also or maybe especially indoors because of the slice, because of the many options you have."