Roger Federer: 'Playing great tennis every year and everywhere is so tough'

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Roger Federer: 'Playing great tennis every year and everywhere is so tough'

Roger Federer is inspired by the basketball star Manu Ginobili. Speaking in Buenos Aires, the Swiss said: "I admire all the athletes who stay at the top and break records. We think that staying at the top is normal but it's very difficult.

Being consistent at a top-level is very hard nowadays, going far in the Grand Slams puts a lot of pressure for the younger guys. That's what it is when you have myself, Rafa, Novak and Andy and others on the Tour for as long and being able to deliver great tennis on all surfaces, every year and all the time.

But it's not easy, I can tell you that. So that's why I admire a lot the guys who have done it before me and I do not know if it will happen again. But this new generation will take the game to a higher level." On his four children, Federer added: "I am very happy with how they are growing.

They do not have to be successful but just good people." Feeling motivated while playing tennis is the key for him: "Playing in new places, being creative in training sessions and being in a good mood with my family and team is what gives me strength and desire to continue.

Still being around requires a lot of work", said Federer who will give his best during the exhibition matches: "On Wednesday I will go out there and play seriously trying some things. We need to end this swing being better players." Federer will also play an exhibition match in China later next month.