'Zverev speaks of money,but plays exhibitions in South America with Federer

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'Zverev speaks of money,but plays exhibitions in South America with Federer

The Davis Cup organizer Galo Blanco did not agree with Alexander Zverev saying the team competition is setting money as a priority by getting involved with Kosmos company and organizing the event over just one week in Madrid.

"Zverev speaks of money, but he goes to South America (with Roger Federer) earning a lot of money in countries that are doing very bad while Germany is playing Davis Cup. It's something he should explain, I would feel bad if I were him", Blanco told El Larguero.

In a press conference at the ATP Finals in London, Zverev had said: "Davis Cup is the whole atmosphere, the play over three days to play five sets and play those tough matches. That's Davis Cup for me, and not playing it at one venue for one week and deciding it all.

That's not Davis Cup. Davis Cup is going to South America, Davis Cup is going to Australia, like I did when it was the proper Davis Cup. Yeah, I hope people realize that Davis Cup is more than just money." Zverev also spoke about how it feels like to face Federer, Nadal and Djokovic: "It's very difficult to beat Big Three but we are doing well.

The younger guys are getting to a very good level." Alize Cornet criticized lack of crowd in Davis Cup, writing to Gerard Pique on Twitter: "Dear Gerard, I can see that you've never been to a REAL Davis Cup ! And that's not it."