Roger Federer: 'My retirement will all depend on results and health'

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Roger Federer: 'My retirement will all depend on results and health'

In an interview to Tyc Sports Roger Federer was asked how he plans to announce his eventual retirement from the professional tour. The Swiss player replied: "Many players retire in different ways. There are no rules. You do it depending on how do you feel.

I do not know if I will announce it all of a sudden, it will depend on my health and results." On what Wimbledon means to him, Federer added: "I know that many times they say that the Wimbledon champion or someone like me should have the Wimbledon keys, like if it was a little garden.

Of course, many times I feel it's like this and it's a bit like my home. But already playing there, not winning, eight times would have been unbelievable. I know how much Wimbledon matters to me and what it means for tennis itself.

For every tennis player, winning there is a dream come true. So for me winning there eight times is beyond my immagination. I feel very connected to that place. It's like the Boca Juniors pitch for Riquelme. I was in the Boca pitch with Batistuta some years ago.

Juan Martin del Potro was there too. It was amazing. It was nice to see." Rodrigo Sanchez, spokeman of the company that organizers the exhibition match between Federer and Alexander Zverev in Chile, said the safety levels will be very high when on Tuesday the two players will face each other.

"There will be several steps of safety around the stadium depending on what happens in the country. The schedule is very packed and we will try to do our best." Federer said: "I am looking forward to it, I do not go for a politics trip there but as an athlete who hopes to give a bit of joy and enjoy himself. Problems are not near me. Of course I am aware of the things going on."