Roger Federer: 'Being a good tennis player doesn't mean I can do anything'

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Roger Federer: 'Being a good tennis player doesn't mean I can do anything'

Roger Federer was asked by Clarin if he is worried about his post-career time. The Swiss replied: "No, it doesn't worry me. I respect the process and I know it will be interesting. My priorities will be my children, like now but in a different way.

My Foundation, which I can spend more time. I will have sponsors, mates, companies. But I hope to continue in tennis because I love it and it gave me everything. Then I am humble enough to start from the lowest level. I do not think that because I play tennis well I can do anything.

It's important to take a step behind and understand you have to learn new things. It makes me happy. I also know I will have a less stressful life." How is a perfect day for Federer without tennis? "On the beach, with my children, getting up without having a schedule.

I always have plans, whether it's with tennis or kids... Thinking about, Well, and today what do we do? is a tremendous luxury. Spending time with my family, my parents, my best friends running on the beach, taking something, relaxing...

That's my perfect day." Asked about his rankings position among the greatest athletes of all time, Federer concluded: "There are many unbelievable athletes... Michael Schumacher, Muhammad Ali, you know? Michael Jordan, of course.

Tom Brady... Bjorn Borg... Many footballers like Pele or Maradona. I am very lucky to have seen them and getting the chance to meet them."