Federer: 'No one knows if I would have won more without Nadal, Djokovic'

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Federer: 'No one knows if I would have won more without Nadal, Djokovic'

Roger Federer was asked what his career would have been if the careers of his two biggest rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic had not coincided in the same era as his. The Basel native said: "I think if they were not there, someone else would have taken this place.

And if I were not there someone else would have been in my place. They made me a better player, but if I had won more or less without them no one knows. It's written in the stars. They are unbelievable, so tough and I respect them so much.

But I realized I could have had a good career when I started working hard." On how it feels to be in the centre of attention almost all the time, Federer added: "There are moments where not being famous is better, but most of the time being successful or famous is good.

People respect me a lot, they admire me. For me, it's important without abusing of it, without feeling that I am special only because people think I am. The most important thing is what my friends, parents, wife, children think of me.

I do not try to be liked by everyone but of being a good role model because children look at me. Being famous has good and bad things. I try to be the best person I can. Being respectful to Everyone without setting differences.

For me, everyone is the same. And I am normal," concluded the world No. 3, speaking on Monday.