Roger Federer: 'Age doesn't matter, excitement is the key'

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Roger Federer: 'Age doesn't matter, excitement is the key'

Roger Federer was asked in Chile how he manages to still play at a high level. The Swiss said: "The number doesn't matter, it's about your desire. I love tennis, it's a great passion and it motivates me to continue.

I am very grateful to keep going and keep discovering places." Federer also recalled his first match on the professional tour where he lost to Lucas Arnold. "There were many people on the grounds as I was the Wimbledon junior winner, they were cheering on me but I lost because he was better and he knew how to face me.

It was a good experience." Arnold recalled there were not many Swiss guys on the Tour back in the day and that Federer was not that strong: "I realized since warm-up that he did not have a very good backhand so I hit all my serves on the backhand.

But you could see he would become a champion." Federer added: "He was hitting kick serves on my backhand and I did not know what to do. I was not strong enough on my right arm. I was not that experienced." Federer concluded: "My experience here has been amazing, this country is too big to stay here for just one night and I hope to soon come here again, not as a tennis player but as a family man."

Alexander Zverev said: "This is very special for me. I thank my fans and Roger for inviting me to this swing. It's a dream come true for me, visiting this nice country with Roger. I appreciate a lot your support, as this country has a lot of tennis history. I will definitely include Chile on my schedule in the future."