Gerard Pique: 'Roger Federer can think what he wants. We go our way'

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Gerard Pique: 'Roger Federer can think what he wants. We go our way'

In an interview with Marca, Gerard Pique, the man behind the revamped Davis Cup format, spoke about Roger Federer not playing the event. This week, the Swiss is playing several exhibition matches in South America with the German Alexander Zverev.

Pique said: "I understand his point of view and I try to understand the reasons why. Laver Cup is a very well organized exhibition. I can understand he sees Davis Cup as a rival. We understand that it's something differenti because our event is 119 years old.

He can think what he wants, we will go our way. We respect that he doesn't want to play here, but Switzerland did not qualify. If they had qualified, be would see. But I thknk instead of focusing on just one player we have to think about the present and future.

Here there is Italy with Fabio Fognini and Matteo Berrettini, the Russians and a series of younger guys that will fight to win titles over the next ten years." On Madrid possibly hosting the Davis Cup also in 2021, Pique added: "It's a possibility although we always said that we would like to move the event from one country to the other and from one continent to the other.

Davis Cup belongs to all the Federations and so every two or three years it will have to move. Madrid knows it and despite it, they showed interest to have the event for one more year. We are open to everything. We will take a decision next year.

At the moment, we are happy with how the city responded. Facilities are great and people are close fans of tennis and in this case, of Rafa and the whole Spanish team."