Alexander Zverev: 'Roger Federer is the best, he does unique things'

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Alexander Zverev: 'Roger Federer is the best, he does unique things'

In an interview with Tyc, Sports Alexander Zverev shared his feelings about playing exhibition matches with Roger Federer in South America this week. The German said: "I saw him through all my childhood, he is a legend and an unbelievable player.

It's a great honor to have this swing with him. We are enjoying a lot and hopefully, we play good matches too. I always admired him for something and for me he is the best, he is able to do what others cannot. Federer is Federer and then the others come.

He is a great person on every aspect, no one can be like him on and off the court." On why he is not playing the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid, Zverev added: "I do not like playing it because it's the most historical events and it should be home and far away, feature best of five sets matches, three-day ties, where you play against a team of great players and have a crowd as you have in football.

The format lost something... I understand that it brings a lot of money on the table but sometimes history is more important than money." Will he play it one day? "We will see, I never denied it but in the short term future I do not think so."

Federer spoke about his sleeping routines. Since when he became a father back in 2009, the Swiss sleeps less as he now has four children. "In the past, I used to take a rest for 10 and 12 hours a day. Now, if I sleep eight, I am happy," said Federer who also cares about his training regime although he sometimes drinks some wine at dinner.

Now his training is more about quality than quantity: "When you are younger you have to show yourself you can compete for many hours and now that I know I can, I try to take care about my body."