Roger Federer: 'Mirka is a great person. I had zero titles when I met her'

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Roger Federer: 'Mirka is a great person. I had zero titles when I met her'

Roger Federer spoke about his childhood. The Swiss said: "My parents gave me some freedom and they trusted my coaches. My mother was a tennis teacher but she said that she did not want to teach me. But I believe in school because just a few people crack the top 100 rankings living of tennis.

Do not leave school. Now you can keep studying while travelling, go to University and still being a tennis player, which did not happen in the past. It's very important, if you are young, not to be stressful and think that at 12, 15 or 18 years, every match is the most important one in your life."

Federer also spoke about his relationship with Mirka: "When I met my wife I had not titles and now I have 103. She has a great role in my life. She Is a great person. Then, I make a lot of effort to be a good father. We travel a lot, all the parents know that children push you to the limit, changing them diapers...

but tennis helps me to anticipate what they will be in their lives. I am a father like any other. I am one of the many parents who are on ads, on TV. And I explain that I am one of the many. People see me, they recognize me and they ask me for photos but life continues.

Daughters start asking questions, they know I am not that normal. Tennis has been amazing but it will not last forever." Federer will start his new season at the Australian Open.