Roger Federer: 'Tennis is bigger than any player that ever lived'

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Roger Federer: 'Tennis is bigger than any player that ever lived'

Roger Federer was asked by Tyc Sports how he would like to be remembered in years when people will look back at him. The Swiss replied: "I wanted to be a good guy for the sport of tennis, I wanted to maybe be a hero and an idol for juniors and kids growing up and to their parents who say, Look, how Roger does it and how he behaves.

Because I also have my struggles but I persevered and came through well on the other side. I wanted the fans to enjoy tennis and have a good time. I always felt like I respected everybody and I know that the tennis is bigger than any player that ever lived."

Federer also recalled his former coach Peter Carter's death. Asked what Carter would think of his career if he was alive now, Federer replied: "I think he probably could not believe it. I hope he is very proud, I hope he is happy, he has taught me a lot of technique and he was like an older brother for me who taught me values in life, politeness, being nice and all those things like my parents taught me to.

Unfortunately he is not here to see all which makes me sometimes very sad but at the same time I have been very fortunate to spend the time that I did with him and we still think of him very often because he was a great man", concluded the former world No. 1 who cried speaking of it in an interview last year in December to CNN.