Roger Federer: 'Winning gold medal in 2020 Tokyo Olympics would be crazy'

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Roger Federer: 'Winning gold medal in 2020 Tokyo Olympics would be crazy'

Roger Federer was asked if the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year will be his priority. The Basel native replied: "A lot of people think it is because it is the only thing that is sort of missing for me but at the same time it's in a time where Paris will be there, Wimbledon will be there.

Olympics will be there and then the US Open, so it's gonna be a huge summer, so the summer is gonna be the big goal for me and for me to represent Switzerland is a big goal and wanting to do well and trying to really get another medal for Switzerland.

Gold, silver or gold, it's all good because I am representing Switzerland and I want to try my best. If it's the gold, my God, it would be crazy and fantastic and it would be super special but I already have a silver in singles and a doubles gold with Stan, gold would mean the world to me.

Is it my number one goal for next year? I am not sure because I told you how important Wimbledon is and all the other tournaments. But I am very excited to go to Tokyo at the Olympics." On Argentina, Federer concluded: "I feel incredibly welcome in a part of the world where I have spent little little time.

From my liking, not enough time. This planet is a big place, you cannot be everywhere yet, I travelled to the world for 20 years now from January to November all the time and that's why it's still a privilege that I am able to do it now at 38, still do a Tour like I do now.

The excitement is massive, people want to see tennis, want to see me, Alexander Zverev and it's something that really gets me excited because I have seen a lot, I played in one of the most incredible crowds and one of those were in 2012 when I came and I played in Tigre in front of 20,000 people two nights in a row with Juan Martin del Potro. I want to relive those moments and I want to hear the crowd chanting, a great atmosphere."