Maradona says Federer is the GOAT! Roger gets emotional

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Maradona says Federer is the GOAT! Roger gets emotional

Amazing words by the former Argentinean football star Diego Armando Maradona about Roger Federer. Through a video message that appeared after the exhibition match between the Swiss and Alexander Zverev in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maradona, who was invited but could not attend because of other commitments, praised the 38-year-old Basel native.

"Hi master, machine, how I like to call you. You were, you are and you will be the greatest. There is no one like you. If you have a problem in our country you can call me and tell me what you need. A big kiss to your wife and children.

You are the greatest ever." Federer got emotional and said: "I got to know Riquelme, he is a legend. Argentina is passionate in all sports, but more in football, for Messi, Maradona, Riquelme. I also saw Diego a couple of times, figures like him are inspiring."

Zverev praised Federer: "I watched him throughout my childhood as he has been playing for 20 years, he is an unbelievable tennis player, person, legend, everything. It's a great honor for me to play five matches with him in countries I never was into, I have never been to Argentina and to the countries we will go in, so it's gonna be great, a lot of fun and hopefully we will play great matches too."