Harris: 'Even unknown people congratulated me for facing Roger Federer'

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Harris: 'Even unknown people congratulated me for facing Roger Federer'

In an interview, Lloyd Harris spoke about how it felt to face Roger Federer at Wimbledon. The South African player lost in four sets and he admitted it was a very special stage and occasion. Harris said: “I had messages from friends, family and even people who I don’t know congratulating me, even though I didn’t win.

It was amazing to see the response that I got and whenever I talk to someone that I don’t know they always bring up the fact that I played against Roger [Federer]." On the difficulties of playing in South Africa, Harris added: “It’s been difficult, and to be honest, people told me I won’t be able to make it if I stay in South Africa but we wanted to prove everyone wrong and we kind of did it.

I’m trying to inspire the kids back home to show them that you can still live in South Africa, travel all around the world and make it through the ranks. South Africa doesn’t really have a lot of tournaments with quality opposition that you might find in America and so it becomes really expensive to travel to take part in those tournaments overseas.

There are also question marks about the facilities and training in South Africa when compared to Europe or America. I feel that none of that is true, I have everything I need and more in South Africa so it's just about how you make use of the things you do have."