Roger Federer: 'I played injured and sick. Travelling is tough'

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Roger Federer: 'I played injured and sick. Travelling is tough'

Roger Federer spoke about the challenges he has dealt with during his 20-year career. The world No. 3, speaking to former player Fernando Gonzalez in Chile, said: "It was very difficult at the beginning. You go through ups and downs as there are many challenges.

I did not have to fight very much with injuries even though I played with back pain, knee issues. Played sick, we all do from time to time. Travelling is difficult sometimes, South Americans travel a lot more than us Europeans.

I think I did a lot of good choices. Now with four children and the whole organization is just incredible but I love the way it is and I would not change it. We will see how many years are left to me but for the moment I still enjoy a lot."

Federer is okay with retiring anytime: "I have had such a good run, I have played tennis for so long so I am at peace if I cannot do it anymore. If I can win another Grand Slam or still compete with the best for the next months or years, that would be wonderful.

But I want to enjoy myself on the road because tennis gives us a lot and I like to give back or go to new places like Chile. I would not say going to Chile is more exciting than playing Wimbledon but I played Wimbledon 20 times so to be in new places gives the fire burning. I want to be a good husband. I want to do everything well but family always comes first."