Roger Federer: 'Only one of my four children is a bit interested in tennis'

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Roger Federer: 'Only one of my four children is a bit interested in tennis'

Roger Federer hinted that it will be unlikely to see his four children - two 10-year-old girls and two five-year-old boys - competing in the professional tour. Federer is a 20-time Grand Slam winner and his wife Mirka is a former world No.

76 but Federer said: "I will support my children whatever direction they wanna go, if it's sports it's a great thing. Sports really has a genuine power, you learn to lose, win, stay with others. I would be very happy if they had played but I am not sure they will because I have one of four who is somehow interested, the other three are not that much."

On the new Davis Cup format, Federer added: "I am not sure, we need to give time and see what happens. We miss the home and far away ties. I remember pics coming out from Chile, they were supporting so much while now it's difficult, complicated and expensive.

I wish them the best, I hope it's gonna go well because we learned a lot through the Davis Cup, we had those big five-set battles and matches and a huge experience for us. It's a over 100-year-old competition, it needs to be successful."

Federer finally spoke about the Chilean tennis: "I had a kids clinic today, I was impressed with how many talented children were playing. Because in some kid's clinic some children cannot hold a racket, which is not the case in Chile.

Here tennis is a very important sport thank to you three guys (Nicolas Massu, Fernando Gonzalez and Marcelo Rios) and I hope many kids will play it in the future."