Sumit Nagal: 'People support me more since I faced Roger Federer'

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Sumit Nagal: 'People support me more since I faced Roger Federer'

Sumit Nagal spoke to Hindustan times about how his popularity has increased since facing Roger Federer in a four-set US Open first round match earlier this year. The Indian player said: "I had just finished my final qualifying round and I was in my locker room getting a message done.

And I got a message saying, You are playing Federer. I was like, It's amazing. I was hoping I would face Federer even before playing my final qualifying match." Nagal won the first set against Federer but he was aware that there was a long way to go before winning the match.

"It does not mean that I won the match so my focus was still there trying to bring the right things. In tennis it's a lot about momentum. I tried my best. Overall it was a good experience. He said me, What a great season so far and good luck for the rest."

Nagal also spoke about the people's support he is getting: "I played a few Challengers and people were supporting me a lot in Buenos Aires just because they watched me playing against Roger. That's something big in a country like Argentina.

Same thing happened when I played in Bosnia. It's been nice that people are recognizing me." On playing for India against Pakistan in Davis Cup, Nagal said: "I think it's gonna be a good tie. That's how I feel. I played indoors for several years so we have got the team and I think it's gonna be a positive tie for us."