Roger Federer: 'Inspiring younger people is a beautiful thing'

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Roger Federer: 'Inspiring younger people is a beautiful thing'

Roger Federer spoke about how it feels to be a reference point and a role model for the younger generations. The Swiss said: "We do kids clinic, we did one in Chile and in Buenos Aires as well and it's very important for us top stars to connect with the local market or the juniors, the kids, giving them advices, playing with them, touch them in some shape or form so that it's gonna inspire them for days, weeks or months or years.

Who knows what it is. It's a beautiful thing when you can help others. We are all together on this journey, I like when we are kind to one another and we help each other. It's very important to be an example for them."

Federer feels excited to play in Colombia again: "I'd like to thank Manuel Matè for believing in me and bringing me back this year. You were among the organizers of the South American tour and I appreciate that.

I'd like to thank Sascha for being on the tour with me and hopefully we play a great match tomorrow. I have no doubts it will be fantastic, the crowd will be great. Thank you for supporting this match, which is a dream come true for many fans and us players too."

Alexander Zverev said: "I am happy to be in Colombia for the third time in my life. It has an amazing nature and people as well so I am looking forward tomorrow night and I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. Thank you to Roger for taking me on this tour, we played already great matches in Chile and Buenos Aires and I am sure it will be a big one here too."