Roger Federer: 'I can win 2020 Australian Open. I am confident'

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Roger Federer: 'I can win 2020 Australian Open. I am confident'

Roger Federer has three main goals looking to the 2020 season. The Swiss said: "Obviously it starts with the Australian Open, no doubt about it. I will be training extremely hard in the off-season like anybody else but I know I can win the Australian Open which is very important for me to know.

I had two incredible years in 2017 and 2018 when I won there. It's not that long ago so it gives me belief I can do it again. Clearly because it's the first tournament of the year it is gonna be a priority. Wimbledon always is.

I do not have to say more about that. Olympics as well for me, I am gonna be playing in Tokyo which is gonna be exciting. And then along the way as it progresses in the season. Of course US Open and World Tour Finals if I qualify as well.

I have a lot of highlights. At this stage of my career every tournament I enter in is important to me." Federer also spoke about his mindset heading into next year's Olympic Games in Tokyo: "I do not need the singles gold medal to feel totally successful.

That's more for the press and fans. I feel happy with what I did. The key at my age to keep being around is to see tennis as a kid, enjoying myself." Meanwhile the assistant captain of the Mexican Davis Cup Team Arturo Gonzalez recalled the first time Federer came to Mexico at 15 years of age back in 1996.

"He was good but not that great", he admitted. Federer went through the qualies in a Satellite tournament and then lost to Sebastian Aickele in the main draw. "I never thought Federer would get to be the monster he is. I did not know who he was."