Exhibition match between Federer and Zverev in Colombia cancelled

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Exhibition match between Federer and Zverev in Colombia cancelled

Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev were ready to step onto the court in Bogota, Colombia, to play an exhibition match when the local Government announced they would not be able to play due to a controversial situation going on in the city with the political issues that had been happening.

"We are sorry it will not happen," said Federer in an on-court interview, "but we have to be careful and this a decision for the people, I hope one day I will be coming back and playing in front of you. I had a great time here, the people from Colombia could have not been nicer, thank you Manuel Matè and the whole organization for taking care of us, everyone has been so sweet to us and we would have loved to play, I hope I will be back one day.

I love you guys, see you soon." Federer also tweeted his regrets about not being to play in Bogota. He said, "I promise everyone Sasha and I will be returning in the future to give our Colombian fans the chance to see us play.

With such great and lasting memories from my 2012 tour to Bogota, I can’t wait to make that happen again. I am heartbroken for the people of Bogota. Due to the curfew tonight, unfortunately, we could not put on the match I have waited so long for…" Federer and Zverev have already played in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires this week and they will now travel to Mexico City on Saturday and then to Quito, Ecuador, on Sunday, which will mark the end of their South American swing.