Roger Federer: 'My Foundation is incredibly close to my heart'

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Roger Federer: 'My Foundation is incredibly close to my heart'

Roger Federer spoke about his activity as a philantrophist. The Swiss said: "My Foundation is incredibly close to my heart and I would like to do it more in the future. Kids clinics, I am not sure I will do more because tournaments want me to do more press things, photoshoots or anything like that.

I love doing kids clinic, seeing the talents in the country, like I did in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Colombia and see who is more talenfed. Hopefully I can inspire and motivate them." Federer also spoke about his mindset playing exhibition matches in South America this week with Alexander Zverev: "We play hard, fair, we all want to have a good time and interact with the crowd.

That's really important to show how much I appreciate that they come out and pay big money to watch. They could do something else on the night but instead they come to watch us and we try to put on a good show but we are gonna play a good tennis because that's what people want to see and not me as a clown."

Asked if Tokyo Olympic Games is the priority looking to next year, Federer replied: "It's together. They are very close together - French Open, Wimbledon, Olympics and US Open - it's going to be a huge summer.

The summer will be a priority. Getting any medal would be amazing for me. Obviously the Australian Open will be important too. So I am excited for next year, if I play at the same level as I did this year and I can take my chances a little bit better, something really good can happen.

Wimbledon or Tokyo is not my number one goal. It's the package, I would like to defend my titles from the last year and hopefully I can keep going and stay healthy."