Roger Federer speaks about playing tennis match in front of 43,000 people

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Roger Federer speaks about playing tennis match in front of 43,000 people

Roger Federer spoke about how it will feel to face Alexander Zverev on Saturday night in Mexico City in front of 43,000 people which will mark an unofficial record for the highest attendance ever in a tennis match. It will not be official because the organizers did not have enough budget to pay the Guinness World Records authorities to come to the place, per reports.

Federer said: "First of all good morning, I am very happy to be here. I went to Mexico long time ago as a junior and now it's my first time as a professional tennis player. I want to go to new countries, Mexico was definitely one I wanted to do, the people who organize this event are great, they brought a great programme, setting the highest attendance ever for a tennis game and I am beyond excited about that.

We have never seen this kind of numbers, the biggest stadium we usually play in is between 20,000 and 25,000 seats, so from that standpoint it's incredibly special and a privilege at the same time. What I always enjoy the most when I play a tennis match is when the people are close and the stadium is stick so we have both here and from the pics it looks absolutely incredible and I can't wait."

Federer concluded: "I want to see the city, the skyline. Seeing how much I remember from the last time I was here (1996) and get to know many people", he said speaking to reporters. The Basel native will also play a match in Quito, Ecuador, on Sunday.