Roger Federer: 'You can win on all surfaces. Look at me, Nadal, Djokovic'

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Roger Federer: 'You can win on all surfaces. Look at me, Nadal, Djokovic'

Roger Federer spoke about the big potential of the next generation. The Swiss said: "There is a lot of guys, Sascha is one of them, also very talented, what I like is that there are many players who are really pushing through, they are really challenging us.

Time will tell about what they can achieve but I think players will be fitter, they will be able to play for a longer time, travelling today is easier than it's ever been, if you lose in one place you can have another opportunity just around the corner so I think they will have more opportunities to have success.

Players will work harder than ever, I do not know if dominating is easier than before but as you see with Rafa, Novak and myself, you can win on all surfaces. Maybe in the future it will be easier for the players because players will train more specifically and surfaces got closer one another."

Federer also spoke about the keys of his longevity: "I come from a very small country, Switzerland, that has around 10 million people. Also having been injury-free for most of my career, having passion for what you do, in your job, when you wake up in the morning and you want to make the most of it.

It helps a lot. My parents could have not been better to me, my wife earlier in my career also helped me in a big way and me personally understanding my body and mind. How much I can do, sometimes also making tough decisions like saying no and to be able to do that since early in my career when I became world No.

1 for the first time in 2004. I realized if I make right decisions, I can play for a long time. I take time to work on my game and save my body for later and that's why I am still around."