Toni shares why Nadal, Djokovic, Federer did not play Davis Cup for years


Toni shares why Nadal, Djokovic, Federer did not play Davis Cup for years

Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni spoke about the new Davis Cup format. The 58-year-old said: "You can improve, try not to end matches too late. But when I was on Tour with Rafa, we always struggled playing Davis Cup. Federer, Rafael, Djokovic, del Potro were never playing.

It should last ten days. But in the long term it will be a great competition. It's like a year-end World Cup. Perfect." In an interview Roberto Bautista Agut spoke about his father's death. He said: “I was lucky to live the last minutes of life of my dad and to say goodbye to him.

Everyone takes personal decisions. I think my dad would have told me off if I had stayed at home. After living a tragedy, the best thing you can do is to step forward. This is what I have tried to do after the tragedies that I have lived in the last few years.

I drove here from Castellón yesterday and I didn´t think about playing. I came to support the team with all my heart. But once we classified for the final, I started feeling like playing”. Writing on El Pais, Toni praised Roberto Bautista Agut: "After winning his singles match on Saturday and he was yet to play doubles, he handshaked all team members' hands while he gave a huge hug to Roberto Bautista Agut.

He delivered his best level ever against a great player, the young Felix Auger-Aliassime, he was patient in the first set, playing very comfortable from the baseline and being aggressive on serve towards his opponent's backhand.

In the second set we saw him playing much more aggressive. He played at a much higher level. I have a deep respect for him."

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