Roger Federer shares why he partnered with On shoes

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Roger Federer shares why he partnered with On shoes

Roger Federer spoke about his partnership with On shoes. The Basel native said: "I think for me, naturally as a Swiss, seeing a Swiss sneaker company come about was like, 'Wow, what’s going on here? Let me check ‘em out.

Let me see [the shoes], let me feel them, let me try them on.' From that moment on, I was like, 'Imagine if we could team up and help each other grow. Wouldn’t that be a cool story?' Me especially as a Swiss tennis superstar, if you like, [I wanted] to help [a brand] like this get to the next level.

So it’s the Swiss background obviously, and how On was disruptive in the market. They found a little niche, a little cult following. I fell for that too, I guess I was one of those guys." Federer also admitted that working with a Swiss brand is important to him: "Absolutely.

I have Swiss partners already, like sponsorships with other Swiss brands (Credit Suisse, Lindt), and it’s nice to work with them, of course. However, that was not the only reason. I think the main opportunity was for me to invest in a company and be a partner of a company — which is quite unheard of for athletes to do — to get in at the beginning with a brand that I believe has incredible potential.

But the Swiss [connection] definitely helps. When I look to the future, On’s office is 20 minutes away from my home. I can quickly run over, talk about a few things and then go play tennis with my children."