Roger Federer has fantastic design sense, says On shoes co-founder

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Roger Federer has fantastic design sense, says On shoes co-founder

On shoes' co-founder Caspar Coppetti spoke about the company's partnership with Roger Federer. Coppetti said: "We’re conservative and like to do things slowly. We noticed that Roger was wearing Ons, and we thought that was great and free advertising.

Switzerland is a small place. We went out to dinner together and had a really good time. He had so many cool ideas, and we joked, ‘We should do something together’ and it was when his Nike contract ended." Coppetti appreciates Federer for how approachable and kind he is: "Getting on the “Today” show was one text message.

That’s how things move. He makes things happen. A lot of athlete friends have reached out to wear them. We do have a strong initiative with women, especially with running. It takes 18 months to develop a shoe. We’ve been working together for a year."

Fellow co-founder, David Allemann, speaking with WWD added: “He [Federer] has got a fantastic design sense. He’s very interested in fashion and super interested in innovation. On is the fastest-growing running brand worldwide, and is in ‘the top five running shoe’ in all the markets."

Federer said: "The chunk was big enough that I had to think about it well, even if the gut feeling was right. In the end, I wanted to set an example for On. I'm excited to be able to work with a young Swiss company that's on the move."