Roger Federer: 'On partnership is a win-win situation'

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Roger Federer: 'On partnership is a win-win situation'

Roger Federer was in New York on Monday to promote On shoes, in which he recently invested. The Swiss said: "I am still full of energy, which is strange. The South American tour was something emotional and unique. I was running at Central Park in New York to promote a commercial."

On why he started working with On, Federer added: "My friends suddenly started wearing those shoes some years ago. Two years ago, I also tried On - and I became a fan of the brand. At some point, we got in touch with the three Co-Founders.

At dinner, we first talked in 2018. I am looking forward to helping a young Swiss company that is quickly growing. On wants me to keep playing. And I want it myself too! I know how my post-career time will feel like. But I am looking forward to the next season.

With On, I want to help with the shoes' development, I will give my opinion on design and also suggestions on the marketing. I think I have the right experience for that." Asked if On will launch new tennis shoes once the Olympic Games in Tokyo come around, Federer replied: "It could be a highlight of course.

Olympics are close to my heart. But On and Olympics - I have not thought about it. It would be the perfect story but we do not know it yet. You do not create a tennis shoe during the night, it takes a lot of work. But discussions started.

For me, it's a win-win situation. Shoes and fashion are my two passion: with On, I can combine them. As an athlete, you are usually good for commercials but I feel actively involved in On. And if the company will invest in a proper way in the future, then I can do well."