Roger Federer wanted to become a footballer, he plays well - Delgado

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Roger Federer wanted to become a footballer, he plays well - Delgado

In an interview with DT, former Argentinean soccer star Matias Delgado spoke about the relationship he has built with the Swiss Roger Federer when he played for FC Basel which is the 20-time Grand Slam's champion favorite soccer team.

Delgado said: "I was there during the time he started growing as a player and he started coming to the locker room, see matches or training sessions. He is a very simple guy and we still have a good relationship despite it happened years ago.

I can see he wanted to be a footballer because he knows everything and understands a lot. He plays very well and be loves it. He once played with us and he did very well." Recalling what Federer's thoughts were when Delgado decided to retire, he said: "He did not understand why.

I had not spoken about it previously. He was very surprised because I had done a very good year but I was very tired. But it's still good because just think if he said, Good, that's the right time..." Delgado also admitted Federer loves Argentina: "He eats well, he takes some wine in the best places.

We are close to him. We are not friends and we do not speak about everything either but he is always there when I need him." Argentina was one of the six countries in which Federer played an exhibition match, along with Alexander Zverev. The Swiss player has finally winded his 2019 tennis season, and is expected to start preparations for the 2020 season.