Roger Federer speaks about the process in investing in On shoes

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Roger Federer speaks about the process in investing in On shoes

Roger Federer spoke about his decision-making process in investing in On shoes. The Basel native said: "It’s a bit of a process mentally. I believe I’m quite conservative because I’m from Switzerland, and [Swiss citizens] go about [investments] in a very conservative way.

All the money I earned by sweating and training and all that, I’m not just gonna go “poof” and have it go out the window. So I’m conservative in that regard, but I felt very comfortable, and I believe in the people [at On].

I believe in the guys. The guys you saw in the lobby, [On co-founders] David Casper and Oliver Bernhard, they really gave me a super comfortable feeling. Everyone I talked to — even in the business — they said “Roger, they’re gonna do well,” so that just confirmed the feeling I already had."

Federer also added: "Word of mouth is this the best way because it’s the most natural and organic way. Of course, marketing as we know has grown immensely, and the biggest and best brands in the world have mastered that craft.

Looking 10 years into the future with the crystal ball, I think we definitely have to talk about it," he joked. "I think [On have] been very clever so far and they definitely have to keep reinventing themselves constantly. I think we’re all humble enough to do that."