'Roger Federer is the GOAT, but Rafael Nadal is getting closer' - Toni

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'Roger Federer is the GOAT, but Rafael Nadal is getting closer' - Toni

Toni Nadal spoke about the race to become the greatest player ever. Rafael's uncle said: "At the moment, the best ever is Roger Federer. Even if Rafael is close." The 1975 US Open winner Manuel Orantes: "Bjorn Borg was amazing, for many years his mentality was unbreakable but Nadal overcame the Swede.

Borg retired being very young when he saw that players like John McEnroe or Ivan Lendl could beat him. Nadal will be the best ever. I see him in his best time and he will continue for two or three more years if he doesn't get injured.

Nadal's evolution was amazing. The Nadal of now has nothing to see to the one who won his maiden French Open." Nadal's Mother Ana Maria Parera said: "The win is obviously always there but we teach that this is not the only goal.

They also have to enjoy playing and make friends. Not everyone gets to the top, so they have to be aware that they have to study, get some values and enjoy sports with other people." In an interview, Julian Fontalvo spoke about how it felt to work at the wedding of Rafael Nadal.

Fontalvo said: "He had seen me acting several times in Ibiza. One day he approached me and he told me that he loved my job, but it was not until some months that I got a call where I was offered to sing at his wedding.

They told me I would be alone. Why just me? I do not know. But I feel very happy for having been chosen for this celebration. He is a person I enormously admire."