Roger Federer on his foundation, numbers that drive it

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Roger Federer on his foundation, numbers that drive it

Roger Federer spoke with ESPN about the foundation that he created back in 2003. The Swiss said: "I founded my Foundation 15 years ago because my mom is from South Africa, she is from Johannesburg, we always went on vacation there, all over South Africa, and I would see poverty also firsthand and I grew up with that, and the moment I had a bit of success I realized I had an opportunity to give back, make a difference in people's lives, I decided to create my own foundation and really try to give a quality education in South Africa with unprivileged children and 15 years later, I am able to support one million children and to raise over $50 million, I still feel like we are at the beginning, I would like to do much more maybe in some nice crazy way.

Not that I want to be more famous for my philanthropic efforts than actually my tennis results. That is a long term vision." Asked what advice he would tell his children if they wanted to play tennis, Federer replied: "It would be the same if it's my child or another child because in the end the values and the best effort are important.

My parents always told me that if they were spending their time to bring me to tennis tournaments and training sessions, I should have made an effort, not make them lose their time, because there was also my daughter, many things to do during the week, many responsibilities.

So don't shout, cry, get desperate, work hard and that's what I would tell my children. In a way you have time but as a junior, you do not see it because you want to have success straight away but you have to think about the long term."