Roger Federer: 'As a kid I wanted to become number one and win Wimbledon'

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Roger Federer: 'As a kid I wanted to become number one and win Wimbledon'

Roger Federer spoke about his childhood memories. The Basel native said: "I remember as a kid I always wanted to be a tennis player, be number one, able to win Wimbledon. You dream big but you never know if it will happen.

The moments I share with children are important to motivate and inspirate them." Federer added: "My parents always gave me advices on how to behave, be grateful and educated. It helped me, especially in tennis where they always wanted me to make a big effort and that I would play a fair game."

On the advices he would give younger guys, Federer said: "Listen at their parents. I have four children and sometimes I would like them to listen at me more. So the suggestion is to listen at their parents and coaches.

That they dream big, play strong and that they work hard because there will be ups and downs, but that they always have a long and short term plan, which is very important. And then to perseve, always try to give your best and never stop fighting."

How would he like to be remembered in years? "As player who helped to make tennis more popular. The fair game is very important for me, as well as playing with correct values and keeping the integrity in sports. At the end of the day it's about entertainment, people pays to watch us, so you want them to be happy. If you do not give 100 percent you lack of respect to the fan."