Roger Federer: 'Wife Mirka had a lot of impact on my life'

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Roger Federer: 'Wife Mirka had a lot of impact on my life'

Roger Federer spoke about how his wife Mirka helped him have success. The Basel native said: "She was unbelievably important. I met her for the first time 18 years ago in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. I had no titles back in the day and now I have 103 titles and four children, so she had a lot impact for my life.

We created a family, which has always been our dream." How did his career change becoming father? "I felt that over the first two years of my life I wanted to be a good father with my children. In tennis I was professional, do not misunderstand me, but my memories of those years (2010, 2011) were the moments I spent with my children and not in tennis.

Something similar happened in my life when my twins were born in 2014." What does he think when he gets compared to a Swiss watch? "It's a game of words because I am Swiss and we are supposed to be on time.

Even if I am not always on time and I improved over the last years. I take it as something good because us Swiss are proud of our watches." Federer spoke about the tiring South American swing he went through: "Funny enough, I am still full of energy.

The schedule of the previous days was already extreme. On is a long term project, they want me to keep playing. I do not when I will retire but I am looking forward to the next season, believe me. My help will definitely go towards the fashion, because I love the comfortable sneakers."