Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal and I have helped each other a lot'

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Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal and I have helped each other a lot'

Roger Federer spoke about his relationship and rivalry with Rafael Nadal. The Basel native said: "We helped each other a lot, we get along well, we have an incredible rivalry. We made each other better, he has been great for the game, contrasting styles, him with his topspin lefty, me with my right and more flat shots and more attacking style.

But I hope we are still playing for some time and we have more epic matches." On his off-court choices, Federer added: "I am a very normal guy, I am a happy person, relaxed guy, a lot of fun, who has a normal life.

When I come back from big cities, big trips, I like being with my friends and family, and we all look for the same things. That we are happy, healthy, spend time with our closest ones." On his retirement, he concluded: "I do not know, even if it could be around the corner or it could still be some time.

But it's something I have been asked about many times for a long time, I am really happy and privileged to be so healthy, I had a great year in terms of my health which is key if you want to enjoy tennis. I hope I can still have some success next year, I am planning my season, I am playing the Olympic Games, so you will see more of me as long as I am healthy."