'Roger Federer, Nadal should play Laver Cup against Serena Williams, Osaka'

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'Roger Federer, Nadal should play Laver Cup against Serena Williams, Osaka'

In an interview with ZDF the German player Andrea Petkovic spoke about the WTA players joining the Laver Cup that is, at the moment, a men's event. Petkovic said: "It would be nice if two women per team could be added to the Laver Cup.

And maybe an additional woman as a coach. It's a great tournament and it would sell more as a brand. Then it would also be more balanced because the Team World have no chances against European men like Federer, Nadal, Zverev and Djokovic.

For Team World, there could be Serena Williams from the United States and Naomi Osaka from Japan." Petkovic also spoke about the long debate on the equal prize money between ATP and WTA Tours: "The people think we earn the same amount but that's not true.

We get the same prize money only in the four Grand Slams during the year..on the WTA Tour we earn a third of what men do. That's why I think it should change. The same prize money for men and women on tour, at the best of three sets.

I recently spoke about it in a WTA meeting and everyone looked at me. We would have a nice social symbol: look, in tennis, each one is paid for the same job!" Petkovic also spoke about why she is working as a tv presenter: "I realized that tennis alone is no longer enough for me, even if I still love it.

I needed a second thing. So I started writing and publishing. For me, it was important not to fall into a hole after tennis."