Roger Federer is a genius, plays perfect tennis - Serena Williams' coach


Roger Federer is a genius, plays perfect tennis - Serena Williams' coach

In an interview to Speigel Online, Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou praised Roger Federer. The Frenchman said: "Roger is a genius. He plays perfect tennis. I do not remember I ever saw a player playing tennis that way.

And I think I will not do it until I die. Everything he does is perfect." Mouratoglou sees Novak Djokovic as a number one between the Big Three: "When the three play their best tennis, Novak wins most of the time. If Novak were injury-free during the two years where he disappeared from tennis, he would probably be the player holding most Grand Slam titles.

I can imagine one day he will be the most successful player ever." Mouratoglou believes tennis needs to evolve: "We want young and old players, black and white, nervous and a bit crazy, but also very calm. There is a rule that doesn't allow the younger players to become professionals too early.

And another rule that doesn't allow to destroy the criminals. Are we the Police or what? No.. it's not very funny now. And that's a big mistake. Tennis is a very traditional sport but we need to get to the 21st century." Mouratoglou spoke about Alexander Zverev's development: "He quickly raised the rankings thanks to his qualities.

But during this time he did not develop the things he had to in order to win a Grand Slam. You do not win a Grand Slam title with your game style. He moves unbelievably well, he is super cool. But that's not enough. And if you do not develop other things, you are in trouble.

He reminds me of Andy Murray. Murray was a great player for a long time but not a Grand Slam winner. Then he changed some things tennis-wise and he became a winner. I think Sascha can do it as well. But he needs to develop. He just plays on defense.

Nadal was always defensive but at some point, he learned winning points and not just wait for opponents to make a mistake. You do not win a Grand Slam with a defensive mentality, you need an aggressive mentality."

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