'Choosing between Messi and Ronaldo is like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal'

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'Choosing between Messi and Ronaldo is like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal'

The FC Juventus football player Giorgio Chiellini spoke about recent Ballon d'Or winners. The Italian said: "Last year Modric should have not won the Ballon D'Or, I think Pogba or Griezmann should have. They gave it to him just because Real Madrid did not want it to go to Ronaldo.

This year a Liverpool player should have won. Choosing between Messi and Ronaldo is like choosing between Federer and Nadal." The FC Liverpool player Virgil Van Dijk, who was in the race for the Ballon D'Or, said: "I'm very proud of what I've achieved last year and hopefully we can do that again this year.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of players like him [Messi] that are unnatural...six times the Ballon d'Or you need to respect greatness as well...I was close, but it was just someone who was a little bit better. To be absolutely honest, i never thought id be up for Ballon d'Or until I was actually nominated and it says a lot of how my career has been, its never been easy.

My career is just different than the winner here, I came late but I never gave up my dreams and I had to work hard every step of the way. Where I am right now is something I'm very proud of, and to be here has made me very proud and makes me want to work harder so I can be here next year."