ATP Adelaide confident of bringing Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal in the future

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ATP Adelaide confident of bringing Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal in the future

Adelaide's Tournament Director Alistair MacDonald is confident that Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer will play the event in the future. They tried to negotiate with the Spaniard and the Swiss who both declined to compete in the event in 2020.

Nadal will only play the ATP Cup while Federer has no tournaments scheduled before the Australian Open: "Adelaide was not on their schedule this year but it could be an option in the future. They may change their minds a little bit, we may finish the event earlier in the next years, maybe on Friday and not on Saturday as we will do in 2020.

Roger is not playing in Australia before the first calendar Grand Slam of the season," he said. Adelaide also failed to bring Nick Kyrgios: "We chatted with him and this year he was not willing to play that week.

We wanted to have him to play but he is playing Kooyong Classic," he said, also adding that they hope to have Rod Laver attending the event one day.

In an interview with the WTA, Indian player Sania Mirza said she is preparing to get back on the WTA Tour.

Mirza will probably return at the Hobart International next month. She spoke about her new life as a mother: "There are a lot of changes when you have a baby. Your routine and sleep patterns change. I feel fit, my body is where it used to be before I had the baby.

It was only six or seven months ago that I thought about returning as a realistic possibility”. Mirza also shared she is dealing with setbacks: "Three months ago, I got this virus Chikungunya, that was a setback because for two weeks I was sick.

I have left wrist pain out of the blue because of this virus and it can last three months to a year. All and all I feel good, and today I can tell you that I’m ready to compete again. Of course, it will take me time to get to the level that I was playing at before, but it’s a good start for me to feel good physically”.