I was lucky playing against Federer and Nadal, says Brands

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I was lucky playing against Federer and Nadal, says Brands

In an interview, former German player Daniel Brands reflected on his path on the professional tour. Brands said: "I was lucky to play against the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. If you take the results, I was not that far away from (them).

I beat Federer once and I lost once. I also got close to Nadal. There was just a small points percentage. But when you look at what these players do for the whole year, how consistent they are, then the difference is not that small."

Brands continued: "Beating Federer is something that not many players managed to do. It was something very special, unforgettable. Also playing Davis Cup thrice was nice, it's always good to play for Germany. Unfortunately, I did not win an ATP title.

But reaching the Wimbledon fourth round in 2010 was an enormous success. It's one of the biggest tournaments in the world and I reached the last 16." Did tennis change since Brands joined the tour? "For sure.

You play quicker, players are fitter. There are not big gaps. Surfaces got slower." On the unique things of being a tennis player, Brands said: "I got into it so early. At 17, 18 years you suddenly travel around the world.

It's something special. You are privileged to travel a lot, to visit many countries, cities, explore cultures," recognized Brands who has not thought about what he can do after his post-career time, but he hopes to stay in the world of tennis where he had a great time over the years.