Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal donate outfits to Elina Svitolina Foundation

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Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal donate outfits to Elina Svitolina Foundation

In an interview the Ukrainian player Elina Svitolina spoke about her expectations ahead of the 2020 season. She said: "The priority for me is to be healthy, but my goals are high. I want to win a Grand Slam and be the world No.

1 for the first time. I want to give myself a shot. It's difficult to make a choice, but I would like to triumph at Wimbledon. It's there where I have started playing better this year after my knee issues." Svitolina also raised money through her Foundation, putting Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's gadgets on sale for charity.

"It's important to help the talented kids to reach their full potential, support them to become tomorrow's winners. That's the goal. We do not know where the HQ will be yet, but we are thinking about Odessa, which is near the sea.

But Kiev is the capital." Asked how different her mindset is compared to when she was a younger player, Svitolina concluded: "I think I'm more calmer. But sometimes, you know, it benefits for young players. When you're excited, you can play better.

But, you know, it's excitement, it's -- but also, you know, sometimes you make some rash decisions. You have to be ready, you know, to compete. Actually I don't remember so much about me being 18 years old, but I just know now that, you know, all the matches, all the tough matches that I had, you know, this is the experience that helps me now to stay more calm and to work my way into the matches.

You know, even sometimes when you lose the first set you have to work your way. You know, it's just a process of, yeah, it's tennis."