Federer, Nadal and Djokovic all have different gamestyles - Coach

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Federer, Nadal and Djokovic all have different gamestyles - Coach

In an interview to SuperTennis TV the tennis coach Leo Alonso spoke about the game of tennis in general. Alonso said: "Tennis is played in many different ways around the world and none is better than the other. Let's suppose that in a tennis academy a Little Nadal, a little Djokovic, a little Federer come, three different gamestyles but nome of them plays bad.

The coach needs to find the best kind of tennis for body, personality and character. Nadal has a lot of physical energy, which he benefits by. Federer has a big technique quality and he uses it. Djokovic is in the mid of it. The coach needs to read the person."

On how to grow as a coach, Alonso added: "You learn a lot by gaining experience. My job is divided into two things, high competition level to coach a player who has been top 100 ranked for ten years. And then there are amateurs.

With professionals need to listen the player, understand his problem and then find a solution. It's more about listening the person you have in front of you. When you work with amateurs, they listen more, you tell them to do one thing and they do it.

When you work with people who knows a lot about tennis, you work on small details that make a big difference. Now it's about tactics and technique. You first think about what to do, then about how to do certain things. That has more sense."