Roger Federer reflects on how rules have evolved over the last years

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Roger Federer reflects on how rules have evolved over the last years

Roger Federer spoke about how rules have evolved and changed in tennis. The Basel native said: "Overall we are still in the same place. The rules, the warm up now lasts for four minutes instead of five. That's not a big deal.

No problem, you know. And you have other little rule changes of course, in doubles we have the super tie-break which before did not exist. Before you could go to the bathroom whenever you wanted to, you could call the coach when you wanted to.

Now it turned stricter, you could always sit at the changeover after the first game, now it doesn't happen anymore. The game has gotten faster. You always try to keep the competition healthy and the integrity of the game.

I was speaking with Sascha (Zverev) the other day and he was asking me, What is different now, or what is better now than ten years ago? Now there is less time, everyone serves very strong, everyone is so fast, have big serves, good forehand and backhand.

There were quite a few changes but in a good way." On his first visit in Mexico back in 1996, Federer concluded: "I remember I played qualies and it's a funny story, I faced a fellow Swiss in the last round of qualies.

My coach was disappointed because there were just two Swiss and we had to face each other. The first round was against an Austrian or German player, it was high altitude and I could not even breathe. It was an incredible experience because we went to the Florida Tour at the Orange Bowl and then we went to Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, without parents, only the coach."