Roger Federer's level is getting lower, says Wilander

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Roger Federer's level is getting lower, says Wilander

In an interview, former world No. 1 Mats Wilander spoke about how Roger Federer's tactical approach has changed over the years. The Swede said: "Now he decided: he cannot let the opponents to take rhythm. Now his level is getting lower.

While when he was at his best he was not worried for his opponents, now he has to." John McEnroe spoke about the challenges of facing Rafael Nadal on the Philippe Chatrier at the French Open: "Playing Nadal on this court is so intimidating."

The former doubles world No. 1 Todd Woodbridge spoke about Nick Kyrgios's chances to triumph in a Grand Slam. Woodbridge said: "That's not going to happen next year because physically he has to do a lot more work to be able to go seven matches.

You've got to win seven matches - best-of-five sets and he keeps breaking down. It goes two ways; I think (physicality) of the body goes to the mind and they work together. He hasn't got that right now." However, Woodbridge spoke highly of another Aussie: "The one who does is Alex de Minaur, he's got the physique and he's got the mind.

He's just got to get some more weapons. I think in two more years." On the next generation, he concluded: "There are young tennis players who are coming through winning important tournaments like Stefanos Tsitsipas, Dominic Thiem, Daniil Medvedev, Alex de Minaur and Jannik Sinner.

The gap is closing so it's going to be good. Next year I'm sure that one of the Next Gen will get a chance to win one of the Grand Slams because Tsitsipas recently won the ATP Finals and this tournament is like a Grand Slam, so we will see."