Roger Federer and Pete Sampras are very different, says former coach

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Roger Federer and Pete Sampras are very different, says former coach

American Paul Annacone spoke with's Podcast about his partnerships with Pete Sampras and Roger Federer. Annacone said: "I was with Pete for over seven years, I was with Roger for four. They are all very different, different personalities, that's the key to coaching an individual sport, very different than team sports and the teams tend to fall into line with the coach's phylosophy and the coaches mantras and how they do things.

And if you are really gonna be good at it and if you are gonna be effective, you have got to learn your philosophy and strategy but you have got to do it in different ways and say it in different ways. Because each person reacts differently to receiving information.

Roger is very different than Pete who is very different than Tim Henman who was very different from Sloane Stephens who was very different from Taylor Fritz. You have to figure out how to get your beliefs and your foundational kind of techniques across but the way the players can receive it.

So all the players have given me very different memories. Pete's was such a lengthy, interesting and fun relationship, it was my first major won with a legend and I probably learned more from him than he did with me. He was amazing dealing with advervity.

I have never met a human being that is more able to understand and know what they want to accomplish and be more confident about how they are gonna do it."