Roger Federer: 'I will miss my big tennis family when I retire'

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Roger Federer: 'I will miss my big tennis family when I retire'

Roger Federer was asked what he will miss the most once his playing days are over. The Basel native said: "Maybe travelling all the time. Even if going around the world is something I like. But it's different when you are a tourist and you can pick the places or when instead it's the calendar to mark your destinations.

The same thing is for the pressure you deal with as a tennis player. I will not miss it even if I may be thinking, I had good times dealing with all those challenges and being ready at the right time. I will definitely miss the players.

It will be strange not to be part of that big family anymore." Asked if he gets emotional sometimes re-watching his matches, Federer replied: "Yes it happens, especially when you add music to the images. When in 2017 I won the Australian Open, many videos were shared.

I just thought, Stop sending me this kind of stuff! Everyone knows I am emotional. But I become even stronger." Federer and Mikaela Shiffrin interviewed each other in Geneva, Switzerland, during an event organized by Barilla before the Laver Cup in September.

Federer asked Shiffrin when skiers usually retire. The American replied: "In slalom, between 29 and 32 years. But many people retire earlier. Around 35. For the rest, I was asked too when I stop playing and I am just 24 years old."

Asked how much time she needs to go past the tough days, Shiffrin replied: "I never overcome them. But I do not mean it in a bad day. I see it as motivation. But normally it's very easy: some good food and eight-hour sleep make me excited again."